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Woodall House

Located in Benson, North Carolina, just 30 minutes from downtown Raleigh, the Preston Woodall House was built in 1910. The home's distinguished architectural style is that of Queen Anne. The 9,500-square-foot facility is conveniently located at the crossroads Interstate 95 and Interstate 40.

History of the Preston Woodall House

This grand home, one-of-five, large-scale homes in a similar stylistic mode built by Benson's prosperous merchants between 1900 and 1920, was constructed for Preston Woodall (1874-1945). Woodall operated a large department store in Benson, which he organized in 1899, as well as twenty farms and five saw mills in the Benson vicinity. In addition, he served as vice-president of the Farmers Commercial Bank for five years, as president of the Citizens Bank and Trust Company for six years, and as alderman of Benson for ten years. He was also secretary to the Board of Elders of the Presbyterian Church and was active in community affairs.

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Guest Reviews

The Preston Woodall House is an exquisite venue with a lot to offer. My experience at the Preston Woodall House was nothing less than the best!

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